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FMS Choir ensemble classes

Forte Music School offers a variety of  workshops and camps throughout the year.  Teacher Matt Katz will be teaching this small group choir-style class to all ages.  Please see the information below and let us know if you are interested in signing up.  This would be an excellent supplement to private music lessons (of any instrument!) Current FMS students will receive a discounted rate for this additional program.  Non-current FMS students are able to join as well at the regular price.  Please contact us for more details! 


We are proud to announce that we are offerinG a choir class for all musicians to add to their schedules this fall!

As a musician, it is vital that we learn the skill of playing in an ensemble/ group. Singing in a choir not only covers this, but also makes us better at sight reading notes and rhythms, blending with other musicians, hearing melodies, playing unaccompanied , and lets face it, singing together is loads of fun!!

This fall, we would be offering Choir Class on Saturdays for a 2 hour session starting on Saturday, 9.30.17, and held on a weekly basis, culminating in a recital at the end of the semester.

In each class will include the following:

♪ Rhythm reading exercises

♪ Vocal warm ups (where we would also learn singing skills)

♪ Sight reading

♪ Learning pieces of various styles such as : Baroque /Madrigal/ Chorale , Pop, Doo wop, Jazz, Classical and Show Choir (unaccompanied singing and movement).

♪ Music games!

♪ Group Improvisation

Each student will receive mp3s of their vocal part for them to practice with at home as well as a binder with their music and copies of handouts that we work on in class. The class will culminate in a recital at the end of the term where the students will perform pieces we have worked on together. This class is not only for voice students. This class is for any musician playing any instrument that is at a point where they are reading music. The only requirements are:

♪ That they can sing on pitch, and have a good sense of rhythm

♪ To LOVE music!

♪ To want to get better at playing music and meet other musicians!

Group singing is loads of fun and great experiences for budding artists to learn to work and play together. We encourage you to talk to us about signing up this fall!! Simply give us a call or stop by to find out how to register.