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Honors Recital

This is an audition-only recital where we feature the students who have put time and effort and dedication into their music.  The audition date will be Saturday, June 1: 2:30 - 4:30 pm.  There will be a maximum of 15 students who are chosen from the auditionees to perform in the honors recital.  The location is at Halladay Park Plaza in NE Portland.  There is no fee for this recital.



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to Jun 16

Make-up Week

This week is an official makeup lesson week. Most teachers will be available to teach makeup lessons this week for any that were missed during the school year.  Please contact the front desk to see if your teacher will be available to teach makeups and to schedule makeup lessons. You may also use makeup lessons available to you during the remainder of the Summer session.  This week is not counted toward the 2018/2019 lesson schedule.    

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to Feb 10

Student Midterm Portfolio Conferences

Parents are recommended to sit in on 5-10 minutes of their student's lesson so they can have a chance to review with the student and teacher about the progress that is being made in lessons. This is also an excellent opportunity for the student to showcase what they have been working on and for the parents to ask questions to the teacher, if they have any.  



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