Forte Music School

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The class is held in two 8-week sessions, with the first focusing on rhythm and the second on melody.  You are able to register for either one session or both, but we highly recommend signing up for both to get the most out of this class.

Contact us today or stop by the school if you are interested or ready to sign up!  

Forte fundamentals 

the journey...

Begin your musical journey with the comfort and confidence that can only be accomplished through the power of group instruction. Forte FUNdamentals is designed specifically for the young musician!  We welcome children ages 3-4 to join us in music making and exploring.   

One-on-one instruction is made all the more stronger with a solid foundation.  We recommend that students start with Forte FUNdamentals before taking private lessons.  These classes are designed to give students a fun and thorough introduction to their music studies no matter what instrument they move on to for private lessons. 

the rhythm...

FUNdamentals Part I: Students will play musical games, try out different instruments, sing and compose their own music. While we will make sure they have lots of fun, the main function of Forte FUNdamentals 1 is to establish a strong rhythmic base for their future learning. Students will work to solidify their rhythmical feel and accuracy. They also will begin reading and writing using standard rhythmic notation.



THe melody...

FUNdamentals Part II: introduces students to the musical alphabet. Utilizing a small Xylophone, in the shape of a piano keyboard, students can visually begin to understand how pitches work together to make music.  By the end of FUNdamentals 2 a child can enter into one-on-one private instruction "with their feet running."  Give them a start that will not only shoot them out of the gate, but will inspire and empower them on their musical journey.